Infor Partner Network Connect

IPN Virtual Helpdesk is a single point of contact for IPN partners who have product, technical and non-product related questions about Infor’s solutions, programs, tools and services. Leveraging a global team of Infor experts, we will route your questions to the right person to get you the right answer. Our goal is to make it easier for partners to do business with Infor, regardless of their level, type, geography or product sold.

Product and Technical Questions

Whether or working with an Infor customer or have questions about installing Infor software on your customer’s local environment, we’re ready to help

  • Customer product/technical questions – if you are working with an Infor customer, log-in to Xtreme support and indicate the customer you are working on behalf of and submit your question using the applicable product code.
  • Partner product/technical questions – if you are trying to install a copy of your IPN authorized software to your local environment, log-in to Xtreme support under your company name and submit your question using the applicable product code.

Non-Product and Non-technical Questions

Have questions about our partner program, training and certification, IPMx (access to Infor systems), marketing programs and more? We’re ready to help.

  • Looking for guidance on how to request access to Infor Systems? Click here for an overview
  • For all other questions that are Non-Product or Non-Technical Questions - simply log-in to Infor Xtreme and select “IPN” for the product code and we will route your question to the right experts:
    • Channel Programs — General questions about the IPN program, on-boarding programs, training & certification, micro-vertical program, etc.
    • Marketing Programs — General questions about partner marketing resources and assets, Market Development Fund program, Demand Generation Exchange (DGX), etc.
    • Questions about partner finder — contact
    • IPN Contracts, Commission, Policies — includes Rules of Engagement, Segmentation, Partner Policies, Compensation, partner promotions and incentives, etc.